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At four Susan May decided she was a writer. Unfortunately, for forty-six years she suffered from a common writer’s disease—life-gets-in-the-way-osis. Discovering a cure in 2010, (write a page a day no matter what) she has since churned out multiple short stories—many becoming award winners and already published.
Completing her first novel recently, she is already on to the second. Susan resides in Perth with her best first reader, her husband, and their two young boys. Her mind, however, ventures constantly into the dark crevices where all speculative writers create their strange worlds.

An Adventure in Words

Susan explains, "I'm no expert. No writer is, I think. But I am on an interesting journey with writing and have, at least, set off down the right path. The first steps down this path are the most daunting. I know many people never take off, or they turn back before ever reaching their goal."

An Adventure in Reading
Susan May is a writer, and so she is an avid reader. Her taste is eclectic, and she's not a literary snob. So, you will find reviews here based on whether the book delivers what it promises. We haven't got time to read the ones that don't.