About Me

Susan May was hooked on cinema from age seven when she first saw Forbidden Planet and Barbarella.  These films were the beginning of her love affair with science fiction and horror.   On a Friday, deals were made with her Mother so she could stay up past her bedtime and watch the late night horror flicks starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorrie or Christopher Lee. 

Even before this passion developed, Susan May decided she was a writer. Unfortunately, for forty-six years she suffered from a common writer’s disease—life-gets-in-the-way-osis. Discovering a cure in 2010, (write a page a day no matter what) she has since churned out multiple short stories—many becoming award winners and already published.

Completing her first novel in 2011, she is already on to the second. Susan resides in Perth with her best first reader, her husband, and their two young boys. Her mind, however, ventures constantly into the dark crevices where all speculative writers create their strange worlds.

In between creating her own fantasty worlds, she takes time out to visit other people's worlds at the Cinema.  She attends many previews a week and averages over one hundred plus cinema visits a year. 

She likes to assure readers, despite her movie knowledge and viewing experience, she is not a snob and views a movie through the eyes of the intended audience.  Susan describes herself as not a critic but a film cinephile offering an every-man's opinion.